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Two best friends unroll their yoga mats to escape the adult grind with a healthy dose of wine.

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Kristin is a dog-less, dog enthusiast who’s somehow found her dreams of writing have taken a back seat to her current career: writing copy for dog food ads. A life-long planner and organizer, she just hasn’t quite gotten around to finishing her first novel (it’s been 2 years and counting with no end in sight). Thankfully, her best friend, and co-conspirator in all things gossip, Annie, helps her escape the everyday grind.  Annie is an accountant who loathes her job and manages to always find herself perplexed by all of her romantic encounters. Frustrated with their current paths, the pair resort to their familiar routine of an after work yoga session. The two friends spend an evening commiserating through some half-ass yoga poses and a pretty cheap Cabernet.




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Kristin Fletcher  – ­is a sensible, warm hearted millennial whose dreams of becoming an author have been limited to writing copy for the latest pound of puppy chow at the local ad agency.  Her novel (much like her life) just hasn’t been panning out the way she hoped, but she’s managed to stay sane through her friendship with her sweet, but scattered brained best friend, Annie. Always the loyal friend, and dedicated host, Kristin’s apartment is a revolving door and it is not uncommon to have visitors around the clock.


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 Annie Dodds – is a bit of a hopeless case when it comes to romantic situations. She an accountant who tends to procrastinate, and more often than not, loathes her job. Annie has a big heart, high anxiety, and an adventurous spirit. Annie can be a bit of a hott mess, but it all seems to balance out when she’s with her best friend Kristin (who in spite of her workaholic tendencies, doesn’t quite seem to have her shit together either).  Annie practically lives at Kristin’s apartment (since it is after all, right around the corner from hers) bringing only the best $1.99 wine from the local hipster food market and a lot of tea to spill.

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